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KAMY is the worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems, and other specialized machinery used in the tunneling, mining, and construction industries. Through KAMY’s years of experience and innovative thinking, we can provide custom engineered solutions for nearly any project requiring rock excavation or concrete demolition.

KAMY is the leading manufacturer of roadheaders in the weight class of 13-80 tons weight. Our roadheaders offer interchangeable cutter heads, both transverse and axial and are custom engraved for each project. Our hydraulic cutters are suitable for material with uniaxial compressive strength ranging from 500 to 25,000 pounds per square inch. All of our products can be utilized in a variety of applications from rock excavation, trenching, demolition and concrete, to underwater cutting, tunneling, and scaling.

Strain Gauge - Electronic Circuits and Diagrams …

Strain Gauge Working Principle. Although strain gauges are available in many shapes and sizes, the fundamental working of this device is the same.

MP250 strain gauge probe - Renishaw: MP250

The world's first strain gauge inspection probe. The miniature MP250, featuring Renishaw's patented RENGAGE™ technology, is the world's first strain gauge inspection probe for grinding machines and, with double diaphragm sealing as standard, is suitable for use in harsh environments.. The MP250 sets new standards for the …

Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges: | pritamashutosh

Mar 18, 2014 · Types of electrical Resistance strain Guage: Normal Strain: Change in the length divided by the original length is called normal strain. Shear Strain: Change in angle or shape of to the original angle or shape of the body is called shear strain. Mechanical Strain gauges: They can measure the surface strains in any direction. We…

What are Strain Gauges? How Strain Gauge Works?

Principle of Working of Strain Gauges. When force is applied to any metallic wire its length increases due to the strain. The more is the applied force, more is the strain and more is the increase in length of the wire.

RENGAGE ™ strain-gauge technology - Renishaw

RENGAGE technology. RENGAGE technology combines proven silicon strain gauge technology and ultra-compact electronics to achieve unparalleled performance and …

Pressure measurement - Wikipedia

Pressure measurement is the analysis of an applied force by a fluid (liquid or gas) on a surface. Pressure is typically measured in units of force per unit of surface area. Many techniques have been developed for the measurement of pressure and vacuum.Instruments used to measure and display pressure in an integral unit are …

Stress-strain Diagram | Strength of Materials Review

The constant of proportionality k is called the Modulus of Elasticity E or Young's Modulus and is equal to the slope of the stress-strain diagram from O to P. Then cable tension gauge

200 Ft Guy Wire 20 GA 6 Stranded Steel Tension Cable Mast Antenna Guy Wire Support Line 20 Gauge Guy Wire Cable Support Off-Air …

SBE 37-SM MicroCAT C-T (P) Recorder | Sea-Bird …

The SBE 37-SM MicroCAT is a high-accuracy conductivity and temperature (pressure optional) recorder with Serial interface (RS-232 or RS-485), internal batteries, and Memory. The MicroCAT is designed for moorings or other long-duration, fixed-site

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The relative strain multiplied by the Young's modulus for a material will give you the force per unit area on the material. Force per area is essentially pressure, so this is typically expressed as PSI (pounds per square inch), or as megapascal in metric.

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Britain’s largest collection of working steam. Situated on the Hampshire and Sussex border, Hollycombe is far more than just a working steam museum, it's a place where the past comes to life.

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Frequently Asked Question FAQ How do I find and repair air leak on my inflatable boat? What to do if inflatable boat compartments become soft over time? What are the differences between drop stitch air and plywood floors? How to choose a right inflatable boat? What is differences between Hypalon and

Five Tips to Prevent iPad Eye Strain | PCWorld

Feb 27, 2010 · The Apple iPad is designed for consuming media--inviting Americans to spend hours staring at its "magic" backlit display. Here are five tips to help maintain your eye health while using the iPad.

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Aug 13, 2014 · Increasing numbers of low-income mothers and fathers are at the center of a new collision that pits workplace scheduling technology against …

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Hofstede’s Power distance Index measures the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally.

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The V-Link® -LXRS® is a versatile seven channel analog wireless sensor node with high sample rates and datalogging capability.. Product Highlights. Four differential and three single-ended analog input channels and an internal temperature sensor; Ideal for remote and long term measurement of many Wheatstone bridge and analog-type sensors including: strain… : Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge ...

State of the art strain gauge technology allows for accuracy to 1/10 ounce over a working range of 0 to 12 pounds. The Digital Trigger Pull Gauge is equipped with a large, easy to read LCD display and is push button operated for …

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WORKING GROUP 2 “RESEARCH“ Recommended guidelines for design of shield tunnel lining. Summarized schematic example of step by step design procedure. STEP 1 DEFINE GEOMETRIC PARAMETERS Alignment, excavation diameter, lining diameter, lining thickness, average

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Computer, Telephony and Electronics Glossary and Dictionary - CSGNetwork.Com's award winning online glossary of computer, telephony and electronics terms. Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Desert Hot Springs, Indio, Thermal, Thousand Palms, Rancho Mirage, Coachella Valley, Southern California. Most pages …

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